11 Non-Muslims revert to Islam after completing VTT conducted by BDA-CenMin

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ILIAN, Esperanza Sultan Kudarat –Eleven (11) non-Muslims in Sultan Kudarat province reverted to Islam after completing a 3-day Values Transformation Training (VTT) at Sitio Kabanalian, Barangay Ilian, Eesperanza, Sultan Kudarat from September 17-19, 2015 conducted by the Bangsamoro Development Agency- Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin).

The training was requested by the BDA Daguma Provincial Management Office (PMO) to the Regional Management Office (RMO) of BDA-CenMin through its training program and participated by sixty (60) participants comprising Muslims and non-Muslims.

In a phone interview with Sabila Angkay, Prov’l Development Catalyst (PDC) of BDA-Daguma province by this writer from the Information, Communication and Learning Officer (ICLO) on September 11, 2015  , he said, “What happened after the training was a surprise because the activity have different objectives much more it is not the purpose of the agency as a whole to make our non-Muslim participants to revert to Islam as it is the standing principle of Islam that freedom of religion is highly recognized and respected”.

PDC Angkay also said, “It was a great, great surprise because we did not expect this result”.

“What we were only expecting was personality development through values transformation as a result of their active participation in the training but to our surprise, they expressed their strong and firm decision to embrace Islam right after the training and testified that, “There is no God worthy to be worshiped except Allah and Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah“, PDC Angkay further said.

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“With this, the BDA-Daguma Province did its part to guide and help them with their decision”, added PDC Angkay.

In a question posed by this writer about what made them finally decided to revert to Islam, PDC Angkay said, “Among the things that made them finally decided were on the discussion of the purpose of creation by Allah and the responsibilities that are entrusted to mankind”.

However, Mastura Salapandiya, BDA Municipal Development Catalyst (MDC) of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat said, “Though what happened was a great surprise, yet it is not impossible for non-Muslim VTT participants to make such decision because it shows the correct values of human beings  in relation to their Creator, their co-human beings and all other creatures around them”.

“It was also introduced to the participants that being in this world as human beings is not for no reason but it has a noble purpose that they were created by Allah as His vicegerents tasked to develop this earth and use for worshiping Him alone”, MDC Salapandiya also said.

“In short, the purpose of creation of mankind by Allah includes trust where mankind is entrusted to be vicegerent and caretaker of earth and the environment”, added MDC Salapandiya.

“That is why, it was highlighted during the VTT that man has attained the state of development if he has successfully accomplished the reason why he was created and that moral and spiritual developments must proceed over material development”, hinted MDC Salapandiya.

“Thus it is not impossible that non-Muslim active participants will revert to Islam because they know the original reason of the authentic creation of mankind and its purpose”, emphasized MDC Salapandiya.

According to Anuar Cabalo, one of the facilitators and Regional Coordinator of Peace Building Program of BDA-CenMin, “The purpose of VTT serves as values transformation of the participants in such as a way that they will be guided to make a self-change for the better and the best”.

“The active participants that will successfully complete this 3-day training are expected to gain more knowledge on values transformation that if applied correctly through positive change, personality development for them is highly expected”, added Cabalo.

The participants that reverted to Islam with their Muslims names in parenthesis were:


  1. Linie (Aisha) Unday Batitaw
  2. Melia (Saida) Diangkat Batitaw
  3. Letlet (Rahma) Galing Minis
  4. Rosemarie (Fatima) Cabalo Lalisan
  5. Beng (Zubaida) Ayunan Tacio
  6. Marivic (Halima) Batitaw Alvariko
  7. Evangeline (Zaliha) Cabalo Lalilsan
  8. Joan (Sharifa) Unao Sidula
  9. Koyen (Zolayha) Kilid Sidula


  1. Lantik (Khalid) Aya Uki
  2. Bandingan (Usman) Paligi Tacio

BDA-Daguma Province is one of the 11 provinces under BDA-CenMin.

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