228 Youth from Cotabato City, Neighboring Places Participated in Ramadhan Forum

228 Youth from Cotabato City, Neighboring Places Participated in Ramadhan ForumCotabato City—With the theme “Unity in Diversity towards a Strong Bangsamoro Nation”, 228 youths across the city of Cotabato and contiguous places attended the 1st Ramadhan Forum conducted by BDA (Bangsamoro Development Agency)-Central Mindanao (CenMin) through the Youth Development Program (YDP) at the Conference Hall, Department of Education Division-XII, Cotabato City on June 12, 2016.

Accordingly, the activity aims to make aware and equip the Muslim youth and students with knowledge and skills that lead them to understand and apply the true teachings of Islam, develop a sense of brotherhood and/or sisterhood and identity on the basis of faith and come up with sustainable strategies and activities that will continue to nurture the youths even beyond Ramadan.”

Alimudin Pinamaloy, YDP Coordinator, stressed that “youths are the future hope of the Bangsamoro.”

“During the Ramadhan forum, different topics regarding Ramadhan and Islamic faith as a whole were discussed,” Pinamaloy related.

He said,“Through this, the participants were reminded of their responsibilities as Bangsamoro youths.”

Ustadz Faisal Dacungan, one of the speakers, discussed about the significance of Ramadhan.

“During the month of Ramadhan, we are performing fasting. Fasting is a mean of attaining piety and piety means doing that which Allah has enjoined and avoiding that which He has forbidden,” Ustadz Dacungan stressed.

He also shared that “the key to productivity is consistency,” thus, he urged the participants to stay consistent during Ramadan.

Ustadz Dacungan also emphasized that“Ramadan is the month of sharing, not the month of hoarding.”

Among the lecturers, Dr. Rizaldy Piang discussed the health benefits of Ramadhan with implication on preparing the youth to become empowered hope for the future of Bangsamoro.

In an interview by BDA-CenMin Communication Group during the activity with Nawawi Pendulat, one of the participants and active officer of YDP, he said “conducting Ramadhan Forum plays a significant role in transforming the personality of the youth in order to prepare them to become effective vicegerent on earth.”

“And, this activity takes effect because of YDP,” he added.

Ramadan forum is a regular activity of BDA-CenMin through its YDP usuallyconductedon Sundays of the blessed month.

Pinamaloy announced during the activity that everybody is invited to the 2nd Ramadan forum which will be conducted at the same venue on Sunday, June 19, 2016.

Fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is prescribed to male and female Muslims who are in good health.

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