314 Blood Units Collected in the Recent 27th MBD

COTABATO City — In the recent 27th Muslim Blood Donation (MBD) conducted by Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) held at the Regional Management Office (RMO) of the agency located at #23, Jasmin Street, Rosary Heights 6, Cotabato City last November 22, 2015, three hundred fourteen (314) blood units were collected.

With the text brigade sent by Nazneen Biruar-Piang, BDA-CenMin Regional Coordinator of MBD, three (3) hours after the activity, she extended congratulations with thanks and gratitude to all donors for sacrificing their sweat and blood that greatly contributed to the success of the MBD.

Also, Biruar-Piang informed them that their sacrifices resulted to the collection of three hundred fourteen (314) blood units.

During the whole-day MBD from preparation to restoration, all staff and regular volunteers of the RMO of BDA-CenMin headed by its Regional Manager Prof. Hashim B. Manticayan, MAIS, were all in their proper places ready for action according to their corresponding assignments.

RM Manticayan, on the day of MBD said,”We are not just strengthening but we are multiplying our efforts with the very aim that the total number of our blood unit collection will increase in order to, at least, meet the increasing demand on the need for blood”.

“This is because,the increasing demand for blood is moving faster than the number of donors”, added RM Manticayan.

“The demand for more blood is supported by one of BDA’s regular blood donors Mr. Mohammad Pasigan who said that blood is highly important to the life of anybody that needs it”.

“That is why, I am regularly joining the MBD in order to donate my blood to any recipient regardless of tribes, religious involvement and political affiliation”, Mr. Pasigan said.

“Not only in this MBD, right at the Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (CRMC), I am also sharing my blood to anyone who needs it particularly that my blood is Type AB, a special type of blood which is rarely found from donors”, emphasized Mr. Pasigan.

Also, Amina Abdullah, a retired employee of Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB),”emphasized the great importance of blood to save life”.

She also called on everyoneto share their precious blood in order to help saving others’ lives.

MBD was founded and organized by BDA-CenMin as a proponent region. BDA-CenMin is among the seven (7) regions of the agency.

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