BDA-CenMin Family strengthens Unity and Solidarity despite current BBL status


COTABATO City—The BDA-CenMin family composed of staff, provincial development catalysts (PDC), and volunteers from the regional office down to provincial, municipal and barangay levels unanimously committed to further strengthen its unity and solidarity and sustain its volunteerism despite the current status of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Engr. Abdulwhid Sendad, presiding officer of the meeting said, “The commitment to further strengthen unity and solidarity and sustain volunteerism was made during the Regional Management Office-Provincial Development Catalysts (RMO-PDC) quarterly mobile meeting held at Malingon, Biwang, Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat Province on October 3-4, 2015.”

“During the meeting it was emphasized that if the peace process collapsed due to the uncertain status of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), it shall become a great challenge to the agency’s operation in CenMin due of its adverse effects in the pursuit of development intervention”, Sendad pointed out.

“Because of this, the staff, PDCs and volunteers were encouraged by the possible scenario that may happen to the BBL and to the operation of the BDA-CenMin that resulted to their unanimous commitment for unity and solidarity”, he added.

Moreover, Akmad Agao stressed that, “The BDA-CenMin family believes that it is only through strong unity, solidarity and volunteerism that it can smoothly pursue its development interventions in order to continuously reach out to the people and help far-flung communities that were adversely marginalized with local residents remained uneducated because of the prevailing oppressions and other forms of injustices committed against them”.

In his message, Hashim Manticayan, Regional Manager of BDA-CenMin expressed his commendation and gratitude to the participants and reminded them including himself that it is only through strong unity, solidarity and volunteerism that victory is within reach in a great battle against oppression, marginalization and other forms of injustices.

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He also said that every approach towards development should be in a peaceful and diplomatic manner to achieve the desired results.

“Let us pledge our commitment, not just responsibility but accountability to the Supreme Creator, and shall exert efforts to show our obedience to Him”, Manticayan pointed out.

“Therefore, let us prepare and commit ourselves not just by helping the marginalized and the oppressed people escape from the brink of underdevelopment but also defend and protect them from any act of oppression and all other forms of injustices in a very peaceful manner particularly through development approach”, RM Manticayan concluded.

Sabila Angkay, one of the pioneering Provincial Development Catalysts of BDA-CenMin based in Sultn Kudarat Province said, “The RMO-PDC quarterly mobile meeting has been a regular activity of RMO and PDC of BDA-CenMin with the participation of all staff, PDCs and volunteers from the time of Dr. Rizaldy Piang, BDA Vice-Chairman and Former Manager of the agency in this region”.

“The said meeting aims to gather and consolidate both progress and accomplishment reports of the RMO and Provincial Management Office of the agency in this region through the staff and volunteers of the agency based on the project and program implemented in the previous quarter”, clarified Angkay.

“It also aims to discuss agenda including plan of activities and other ways forward for the succeeding quarter”, Angkay said.

“Further, the meeting also tackled issues and concerns pertaining to the daily operation of the agency from regional level down to provincial, municipal and barangay levels”, he said.

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