CFCST Muslim Professionals and students participate in Training of Trainers on Values Transformation

COTABATO City—Three (3) Muslim Professionals and Fifteen (15) students from Cotabato Foundation College of Science and technology (CFCST) in Doroluman, Arakan, North Cotabato participated in Training of Trainers (TOT) on Values Transformation Training (VTT) conducted by Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) in Barangay Balas, in said municipality last November 27-30, 2015.

According to Haja Farida Aplal, one of BDA-CenMin Provincial Development Catalysts (PDC)- Female, “The participation of Muslim professionals and students from CFCST is the result of their successful completion of the VTT conducted by BDA-CenMinheld at the Department of Social Work Building in the said institution last October 23-25, 2015”.

Aplal also said, “As participants of the TOT, they exerted extraordinary performance through utmost cooperation during the conduct of the training”.

“They can be utilized as VTT trainers of the agency in the near future”, Aplal emphasized.

Participant Bai Rahima Bantilan, RSW, in her impression said, “We express our deepest thanks and gratitude to the leadership of BDA-CenMin for conducting this TOT on VTT because this activity is an opportunity for anybody at a right age to participate”.

She also said, “It is a training that educates mankind on values transformation and personality development which includes the very purpose of creation of human being by the Almighty God”.

“Further, this training teaches participants that the best way to attain real and holistic development is when human beings become free to exercise their being Muslim and can successfully accomplish the reason or serve the purpose why they were created by God”, she added.

Bai Rahima,was a Cum laude graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the same school in 2013 through the Custodian Care Program of CFCST as one of its recipients and passed the Board Examination for Social Work in the same year. She originated from the genealogy of royal family of the House of Buwayan.

She is a resident of Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat Province and now working as Social Welfare Officer-Iin Custodian Care Program of CFCST.

Haron Bedsok, another participant presently studying at CFCST said, “It is great pleasure to be among the participants of this training because we learned and discovered a lot”.

Bedsok also said that, “The training corrects our mindset and serves as our appropriate guidelines in order to strengthen our self-discipline to become more pious servants of God and responsible vicegerents on earth”.

“VTT is a very effective training to transform the values, particularly of the youth at their young age, and correctly develop their personality amidst the modernistic changes in the contemporary world that most commonly diverted and kept themaway from correctly serving the noble purpose of their creation by God”,Bedsok pointed out.

“Thus being a participant of this training I consider this as useful instrument to guide ourselves and other youth in the most upright way”, Bedsok stressed.

HasimIskak, representing the BDA-CenMin in his message,thanked the participants for their active participation and full cooperation during the conduct of the 3-day TOT on VTT.

Iskak also said, “The BDA as development agency strongly believes that to attain real and holistic development, moral and spiritual developments must prevail over material development”.

“That is why, the slogan of BDA “Building people who will Build the Nation” because real and holistic development would not be possible if not with the morally and spiritually developed people”,Iskak pointed out.

“With these morally and spiritually developed people, the command to enjoin doing good and forbid evil deeds will be implemented, strengthened and sustained”, emphasized Iskak.

“Thus justice will prevail and will be given to whom they are due; and that real and holistic development will permanently reign on the oppressed Bangsamoro and Filipino people as a whole, and to the war-torn land of Mindanao”, he concluded.

This training was conducted in collaboration with community stakeholders of the Municipality of Carmen.

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