HMA Participants’ Spirit for Journalism Enriched

Cotabato City – The activity Media Practice Orientation conducted by Homeland Media Agency (HMA) for all its staff, including writers, board of directors and some aspiring writers on May 2, 2015 in BLMI Simuay, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao enriched the spirit for journalism of the participants.

It was a one-day fruitful activity which everyone enlightened about the great role of journalists or media people in society.

“Media is a powerful group that has an ability to break a society,” Ustadz Abdulhadie Gumander, one of the resource persons stressed out in his topic “media in Islamic perspective”.

“A media man is capable to judge and any judgment he or she made can inflict the minds of the people,” he added.

The Mamasapano incident became the factual example during the course of discussion. It is used to describe how society can be affected by media group of their reports and information they bring to the people. Many of the reports about the incident have caused the people to split into different standpoints and trigger disturbance on the ongoing peace process in Mindanao- manifestation of media capacity to break.

In Islamic perspective as explained by Ustadz Gumander, media man is an Alim or Al-Al’lam who delivers knowledge to people. Being an Alim, it is his responsibility to bring reliable and genuine truth to the people. This means that any report made by a media man is based on facts and reasons and not based on emotions. He/she should not be overwhelmed by emotions in conveying people about his/her report.

“Stand for Solid Ground,” prompted by John Felix Unson, a well-round journalist/writer for a wide –read newspaper, the Philippine Star, as he shared Media Best Practices and Motivation. Mr. Unson related the pros and cons of publishing information, wherein,he reminded that a journalist should never forget to be equipped with concrete evidence and data because anything you bring out is your own accountability.

Mr. Unson urged that the motivation of a media man is in the heart. Being a media man is not about earning a lot of money because local media are not paid much only less minimal. It is about passion to bring the truth about what is happening in our community. It is not about fame, but is about our participation in building a better community.

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