Mufti Menk: ‘no peace, no development’

By: Mubarak Dumato

Cotabato City – More than six thousand participants have gathered in a symposium entitled “Toward Peace” organized by several religious organizations to promote peace and unity held at Cotabato City Central Pilot School in Cotabato City on February 25.

Mufti Menk talked about the role of Salah (prayer) in promoting peace and the Islamic perspectives on peace and unity.

On the evening, former Sultan Kudarat town mayor Datu Tucao O. Mastura, Al Haj and Cotabato City vice mayor Abdullah Andang, Al Haj, along with some leaders in Maguindanao province came.

Mastura urged participants to strengthen the “Taqwah” (fear in Allah) and sighted one of the verses in the Holy Qur’an.

On his part, Andang called for settlement of difference and promote unity and peace in Cotabato City and practice the teachings of Islam.

Meanwhile, Mufti Menk urged to build the Ummah (nation) and reminded everyone of the horrific consequence of disunity.

“We need to learn to talk together, sit together, and address differences for the sake of peace and humanity” Mufti Menk said.

“There’s no development in any country where there is an absence of peace” he further said.

On his almost two hour lecture, he ended his speech by hoping and praying that peace in this nation will prevail.

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