1437HEid’lAdha festivity was peaceful in Kabacan

1437HEid’lAdhaKABACAN, COTABATO — The observance of the 1437H Eid’lAdha(2016 in the Gregorian calendar) festivity was peaceful in this town.The exact date of the affair fell on September 12, 2016 (10th of ZulHijjah 1437H).

Prayer goers numbering thousands trooped to the Municipal Plaza of Kabacan and performed the morning congregational prayer.

UstadzSamirudinBandila, the Khatib (speaker of the day), related in his Khutbah the life of Prophet Ibrahim Eid’lAdh(Abraham) who sacrificed his son Ismael in obedience to the command of the Almighty.“In reality, the life of Ismael was saved on intercession of Angel Jebril also on the will of the Almight,” he said.

Mayor Herlo Guzman, Jr. shared the venue to the Muslim constituents to hold the EidulAdha prayer while the policemen of Kabacanprovided security.

The crowd was led by group of imams from different mosques of this municipality backed up by educators from the University of Southern Mindanao, namely Dr. Abubakar Murray, Sultan SalikMakakena and others.

A banquet was served for the imams after the prayer at Barangay Kayaga, this town. Gov. LalaTalino-Mendoza and the LGUs of Kabacan contributed goats, soft drinks and rice to the group.

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